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Hyatt Accessibility

Our Accessibility statement is as follows:

•Hyatt celebrates individuality and is committed to creating exceptional experiences for all our guests, including those with disabilities. We aim to provide a smooth and seamless experience on our websites.

•Hyatt bases our web accessibility standards on the Web Content Accessibility (WCAG) 2.0, levels A and AA.

•Our work will provide our guests with accessible content and a meaningful digital experience. We are providing more accessible web content through:

o Staff and resources that focus on digital accessibility

o Performing accessibility testing and analysis of new and updated web content along without side support on a regular basis

o Training our web content teams and requiring our partners to make accessible design and development a fundamental element of all web content

o Including accessibility analysis when we procure third party systems or upgrades to existing systems

•Our goal is to surpass the expectations of all our guests. If you have any difficulty using our website because of a disability, we are here to provide telephonic assistance with any information or services you may need from the website at 800-323-7249. In addition, we welcome your feedback and encourage our guests to provide comments in the following ways:

o Website Contact:

o Phone: For technical accessibility issues, contact our support team. Call 800-323-7249 or402-592-6465

o Mail: Please send any comments or questions to the address below:


Hyatt Hotels & Resorts Attn: Consumer Affairs 9805 Q Street Omaha, NE 68127