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Caesars Related Transition Frequently Asked Questions

What changes are going to happen at the Rio starting October 2, 2023?

Exciting times are on the horizon at the Rio, where the transition to new ownership is underway. Inside the resort, hundreds of hotel rooms have already received a stylish upgrade, the casino is buzzing with the daily arrival of new slot machines and we're cooking up fresh restaurant and bar options. Outside, we're making waves with a complete remodel of the iconic Rio Pool, set to open for the 2024 season. To add to the excitement, we're introducing the brand-new Rio Rewards program, where you can earn points while having a blast around the resort.

What happens to the points and benefits I have from previously playing at the Rio?

As part of the transition, Rio does not receive access to your point balances, comp balances, or the tier status of your Caesars Rewards account. All information stored by Caesars Entertainment remains on your Caesars Rewards account and is valid at all Caesars Entertainment properties.

Do I have to get a new loyalty card? Can I still use my Caesars Rewards card at the Rio?

Beginning October 2, 2023, your Caesars Rewards card will no longer work at the Rio. To begin earning with Rio Rewards, simply get a new card printed at the Rio Rewards desk or at one of the loyalty kiosks located throughout the casino.

Do I have to register for Rio Rewards even if I was a frequent Rio casino customer?

No, if you have used your Caesars Rewards card at the Rio since late 2017, it is likely that a Rio Rewards account has already been created for you. To receive your Rio Rewards card and select a PIN # for your account, please visit the Rio Rewards desk after October 1, 2023.

Will Rio offer new member bonuses even if I already have a Rio Rewards account?

Yes. If you have used your Caesars Rewards card at the Rio since late 2017, you will still be eligible for new member incentives. To receive new member promotions, be sure to provide Rio Rewards with a valid and updated email address.

I previously had credit at the Rio, will I still have credit?

No. But it’s easy to apply as a new guest for credit with the Rio. Please visit after October 1, 2023, to complete an application.

How do I get my win loss statement?

Your win loss statement for play prior up to October 1, 2023, will be reflected on your 2023 Caesars Rewards Win Loss Statement. Your 2023 Rio Win Loss Statement will only reflect play from October 2, 2023 through December 31, 2023.

What are the benefits of the new Rio Rewards loyalty program?

We are excited to introduce Rio Rewards, a new program that recognizes both gaming and non-gaming spend. Points can be earned at slots, table games, and around the resort in non-gaming areas such as food and beverage, at varied earning rates. A point is worth a penny and points are earned fast! More details of the loyalty program can be found here.

I had a casino host who assisted me at the Rio, can I still contact them at the Rio?

No. But, we are thrilled to announce we have an incredibly talented and diverse team of experienced casino marketing executives that can assist you with your trip needs. You will be able view and contact our new casino hosts here.

Will the casino remain open to the public when the ownership changes?

Yes! The casino and the entire resort will remain open to all visitors. During this transition, many brand new casino games will be available for your enjoyment, but the availability of some existing machines may be limited as we implement our new casino system. Slot machines will be converted to the Rio Rewards gaming system as fast as possible. Table games will experience minimal interruption at the time of transition.

I have TITO tickets unredeemed from the Rio, will they still work in the machines?

No, any unredeemed tickets printed prior to the transition will no longer work for play on any machines at the Rio beginning at 6:00 a.m. on October 2, 2023. Unredeemed tickets printed prior to 6 am on 10/2 can be redeemed at the Rio cage until 10:00 a.m. on 10/2. After that, guests can redeem their ticket the Caesars Palace main cashier or by contacting Caesars.

I have Rio casino chips that I have not yet cashed at the Rio casino cage, will these be accepted?

Chips valued at less than $1,000 will remain completely redeemable at the Rio cashier. After 6:00 a.m. on October 2, 2023, Rio casino chips valued at $1,000 and greater will require validation of play from Caesars by the Rio team and may not be redeemed immediately. It is recommended that any outstanding chips be redeemed prior to October 2nd at 6:00 a.m.

What happens to my points and tier status from Caesars at the Rio?

All balances, benefits, and tier status from your activity with Caesars Rewards prior to the October 2, 2023 transition will remain with Caesars Entertainment properties and can be utilized as normal at their other properties.

Will Rio match offers from other loyalty programs?

Rio may extend offer matches to our guests in order to experience our new loyalty program and soon to be fully renovated Ipanema Tower rooms. To request an offer match, either bring a physical mailer to the loyalty desk for review or forward emails with offer information from other Las Vegas casinos, resorts and hotels, along with desired stay dates to An offer match is not guaranteed, and official rules can be found at the Rio Rewards desk after October 1, 2023.

Will you match tiers to other loyalty programs?

We’re excited about the exceptional Rio Rewards program we have developed for you. Due to the sizable value of the tier benefits in the Rio Rewards program, tier matching will not be offered.

Will I get marketing offers from the Rio specifically?

Yes! You will begin to receive Rio offers starting in October 2023.

Will you be doing special events for casino members?

Yes! You can expect to see special events around New Years Eve and the Big Game, in addition to casino tournaments and giveaways all happening soon!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

I have an existing hotel reservation at the Rio; will that reservation be honored after October 1, 2023?

All hotel reservations will be honored as they were created.

Will the reservation/confirmation number change?

Yes. The majority of hotel reservations were converted from the Caesars hotel system and placed into the new Dreamscape hotel system. While you will not need your new confirmation number to change your reservation, if you would like one, please call us at 866-746-7671.

I booked a reservation at the Rio through a 3rd party booking site (i.e.:, do I need to do anything?

No action is required if you have not been notified of a relocation from a 3rd party partner of Caesars. Your booking is in the new Rio system and will be honored.

Will my deposit be refunded if I cancel my reservation?

Yes. If your reservation was made with Caesars directly and is found in the new hotel system, you may contact us at 866-746-7671 to cancel your reservation. For a full refund, a 48-hour notice to cancel is required. If your reservation was made through a 3rd party such as, please contact that provider directly for refund information.

Are you going to charge for parking?

No. There will be no charge for parking.

Will resort fees change?

Yes. We have reduced the resort fee to $40.00 plus tax.

Will be there be any changes to the pet policy at the Rio?

Yes. For the safety of your pets, support animals, and our guests, Rio Las Vegas no longer allows for pets.

Is the buffet open?

No. The Carnival World Buffet was closed in 2020 and will not reopen. Watch for several new and exciting dining experiences in early 2024 at the Rio.

Is anything changing with the shows and entertainment?

No. All shows at the Rio will still continue to perform their normal schedules. Tickets and information will also be available after October 1, 2023 at

I used to stay at Rio and charge my dining from other Caesars casinos to my Rio room. Will I still do that?

No. Since Rio is no longer part of Caesars Entertainment, you will not be able to charge purchases made at any casinos other than the Rio to your room. Rio will have entirely new food and beverage offerings for you to enjoy very soon!

How do I opt-out of receiving marketing communications or targeted online advertising?

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