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Rio Rewards Terms and Conditions

Rio Rewards Rules

These terms and conditions govern your participation in the Rio Rewards Membership Program (the “Program”).  Enrollment in the Program constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions.

General Enrollment & Membership Rules

  • Rio Rewards Membership is free, and available to anyone 21 years of age or older with a valid government issued photo identification.  Types of valid photo identification include unexpired Driver’s License Passport, State Identification Cards, or Military Identification. The name issued on the valid ID must match the name on the Rio Rewards member account.
  • Only individual persons are eligible for Rio Rewards membership; corporations or other entities cannot become Rio Rewards members.
  • Participation in the Rio Rewards Membership Program is subject to all Program and Company rules and regulations, policies, and procedures. By opening an account / participating in the Rio Rewards Program, you agree that you have read/understood the Program Rules. You consent to the Company’s processing of your personal data in accordance with the Company’s privacy policies and agree to receive marketing communications via multiple communication channels.
  • Members acknowledge and agree that membership in Rio Rewards and its benefits are provided at the discretion of management. Management reserves the right to unilaterally change, amend, suspend, cancel, or terminate any aspect of Rio Rewards, its benefits and/or its Terms and Conditions in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice for any or no reason. Management will make reasonable efforts to notify members of changes that may adversely alter, diminish, forfeit or terminate members’ benefits at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of such changes.
  • Only one account per individual. Any discovered duplicate accounts will be merged into one account. Rio Rewards are for the sole use of the person listed on the account.
  • Employees of the Rio Hotel & Casino; or persons who have been excluded from the property/gaming through voluntary request, company management decision, or any order by Nevada Gaming Control Board or Nevada Gaming Commission are not eligible to participate in Rio Rewards Membership program.
  • Any member who voluntarily requests to Self-Limit themselves from certain activities at the Rio will have their Rio Rewards membership (and benefits) suspended immediately.
  • Up to Two (2) eligible Rio Rewards members, living at the same address may link their accounts. Both members must be present, with their photo ID to link their accounts. Linked accounts do not share tier status, tier benefits, or promotional offers. Linked accounts share points (i.e., either member can use the entirety of a point balance). Either member of the linked account may request to become unlinked at any time after properly verifying account information.
  • Accounts and their subsequent benefits, balances, and promotions are nontransferable (including but not limited to a: member death, domestic dispute, management removal from rewards program, or operation of law).
  • Rio Rewards members are responsible for selecting a PIN (Personal Identification Number) that they use to access certain account benefits. Members may also create an online/electronic profile (username / password) with specific log in credentials. Members are responsible for all activity that happens on their account when a PIN # or logged in event is taking place on their account. A valid photo ID is required to change/reset a PIN #.
  • Replacement cards will be issued with valid identification. Rio Hotel & Casino is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.
  • All decisions regarding the interpretation of the Rio Rewards Official Rules, program regulations, eligibility, points, comps, tiers and all other matters regarding the Rio Rewards program are at the exclusive discretion of the Rio Hotel and Casino whose decisions are final.
  • By enrolling in the Rio Rewards Program and/or using your Card, members consent to, and agree that any information provided and/or collected in connection with the Rio Rewards Program is subject to, the terms of the Rio Hotel & Casino Privacy Policy (which is available at and consent to the sharing of their personal in accordance with the Rio Hotel & Casino Privacy Policy. Information provided by you, about you and/or related to your participation in the Rio Rewards Program will be used to set-up, administer, and/or maintain the Program and your Program account such as providing and/or offering benefits and rewards to you. Subject to applicable legal requirements, members also consent to receiving promotional and informational communications from Rio Hotel & Casino and partners.  Members may opt-out of receiving marketing emails and direct mail communications from (and/or opt-out from the sharing of personal information for such marketing) with the Rio Hotel & Casino, its partners, and/or other third parties, or may update their preferences by completing the Unsubscribe form(which is available at
  • Membership in the Program may be revoked or canceled at any time, without notice, at the discretion of management.
  • If any provision of these rules is deemed invalid or unenforceable by law or regulation, such provision shall be deemed void only in the specific jurisdiction with the law or regulation, but all other provisions will remain in full force and effect.

Earning Points & Tier Information

  • Rio Rewards Points are based on members’ activity on the casino floor (slots & tables) and through certain non-gaming purchases. Points are not earned on FrioPlay or certain third-party outlets within the property.
  • Points are earned on slot machines based on coin in. ($1.25 coin in = 1 point)
  • Points are earned on video poker machines and non-roulette ETG’s based on coin in. ($10.00 coin in = 1 point)
  • Points are earned on standalone electronic roulette and standalone keno games based on coin in ($5.00 coin in = 1 point)
  • Points are earned on table games based on amount wagered and varies by time played, game played, and average bet as input by table games staff. The system rating will calculate wagers and give points as follows: Roulette – $5.00 wagered = 1 point; 3:2 blackjack – $30.00 wagered = 1 point; All other table games – $10.00 wagered = 1 point.
  • Any games not eligible to earn points or that earn at unique ratios will be identified to the best ability of the property. Rio reserves the right to adjust earnings ratios on any games/outlets at any time. Points are not earned when using FrioPlay (free slot play).
  • Points are earned from non-gaming activity by properly giving your Rio Rewards card to the appropriate personnel at the time of payment (server, cashier, front desk agent, etc.) or by having your Rio Rewards Membership Number attached to your hotel folio.  (2 points per $1.00 in qualified spend)
    • As of March 1, 2024 hotel room spend itself does not earn Rio Rewards points.
    • Guests may also take a paid receipt (and show correct proof of payment including cardholder and member name matching) to the loyalty desk within 10 days of purchase to have that purchase added to their account.
    • Cash receipts will not be accepted after the fact at loyalty desk.
    • Points earned from non-gaming activity may take up to 7 days to be credited to the member account.
    • For any point discrepancies, guests can contact the Rio Rewards desk.
  • Slot Machines will only display the point balance of “gaming points” that a member has on their account, not the total sum of gaming + non-gaming points.
  • Any member participating in specialized/personalized casino incentive/discount programs may have their ability to earn/redeem Rio Rewards points disabled. Casino Marketing would notify any guest of this decision in advance.
  • Points earned from table games play are capped at $25,000 (2.5 million points) per year.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the member to ensure they have inserted their Rio Rewards card correctly into the slot machine and the system is registering it correctly or they have provided their card to the table games staff to be rated or they have given their card to the server/cashier/front desk agent when settling a bill/interacting at front desk.
  • Any points earned in error (machine malfunction, multiplier error, rating input error, POS system error, etc.) will be removed immediately upon discovery of the error. Any tier advancement caused by this error will be rescinded. If a member utilizes points earned in error, Rio reserves the right to keep that member’s point balance “negative” until they have earned enough points to offset the points spent that weren’t correctly obtained.
  • The maximum amount of non-gaming spend Rio Rewards members can earn points for per visit is $5,000 in tracked spend.
  • 98%+ video poker playback for single hand poker applies to games without bonus bets/multipliers/special features.
  • Not all outlets inside Rio Hotel & Casino will earn/redeem points through non-gaming spend. A list of outlets that participate in Rio Rewards can be found at the loyalty desk.
  • Points are only earned on the net selling price. Points are not earned on gratuities, tips, comps, taxes, fees, sports wagering, other items as identified.
  • Rio Rewards balances (points, gift points, FrioPlay, point play, comps) have no cash value.
  • The criteria to earn points may change without notice at any time based on the discretion of the company.
  • Rio Rewards reserves the right to limit/restrict/revoke a member’s ability to earn points based on their level of gaming activity.
  • Redemption of points does not impact the progression through the tiers based on earning points.
  • Any tax liability based on the earning or redemption of points is the responsibility of the member.
  • Anyone owing the company a debt may have their ability to redeem their points blocked until the debt has been paid.
  • Members cannot earn points if not present. Members cannot earn points by distributing their loyalty card to others. Any discovered manipulation of point earning where the member is not present will result in the removal of all points and possible removal from the Rio Rewards program.
  • The earning of points and escalation through the tiers is based on a calendar year. Rio Rewards year begins January 1st and ends December 31st.
  • Tier Adjustment will take place within the 7 calendar days of the new year.
  • Tier Benefits will load at the time of any Tier Adjustment. (Either upon tier advancement or during the yearly evaluation.)
  • The tiers and their earning requirements are as follows:  Rouge; 0-9,999 points. Azul; 10,000-49,999 points. Gold; 50,000-249,999 points. Platinum; 250,000+ points.
  • The criteria required to advance through the tiers may change without notice.
  • Upon earning status in a tier, a member has at least that status for the remainder of that calendar year and the entirety of the following year.
    • Example – On May 16, 2024 a guest reaches 10,008 points. For the remainder of 2024 and all of 2025, they are in the Azul Tier. If in December of that same year of 2024, that guest reaches 50,000 points, they are now Gold for the rest of 2024 and all of 2025. The Gold Tier Benefits would be loaded upon reaching Gold (and are not also reloaded in January of 2025).
    • On January 1, 2025 they start with zero (0) tier points for the year. The guest, in 2025 earns zero points. They still would remain Gold all year long in 2025.
    • On January 1, 2026; with zero activity in 2025, they would be adjusted back to the Rouge tier.
  • Any unused tier benefits will expire when a new, advanced tier is reached or at the end of their advanced tier status.
  • Additional point buckets (gift points, revolving rewards, Rio Bonus Points, kiosk promotions, etc.) may be activated throughout the year and have different earning and redemption ratios or expiration periods than the base earning of the Rio Rewards Loyalty Program. Those specific events/giveaways/promotions will have their own set of rules and/or terms and conditions and are not bound by the earning and redemption rates and date rules of the Rio Rewards program.
  • Should Rio Rewards decide to do any “tier matching” to other loyalty programs, Rio reserves the right to withhold ANY of the tier benefits until the required number of points is earned to receive that specific benefit(s).
  • Should Rio Rewards decide to do any “offer matching” to other loyalty programs, Rio reserves the right to limit/cap the complimentaries received or require certain levels of casino play to receive all offered complimentaires.


Point & Benefit Redemption, Expiration

  • Members will be required to show a valid government issued ID, matching their Rio Rewards card when redeeming points/comps/benefits.
  • Points earned from gaming (slots/tables) may be used as FrioPlay (via conversion of Point Play points into Free Slot Play) or as resort credit / comps around the property (where permitted).
  • Points earned from non-gaming spend cannot be used as Point Play/FrioPlay.
  • Points earned from gaming activity are redeemed first when an account has both gaming and non-gaming points in their balance.
  • There may be a minimum amount of points required (e.g. 500 points = $5.00) when converting gaming points into Point Play/FrioPlay.
  • Points converted into Point Play will expire after 30 days.
  • The member whose name is on the Rio Rewards card must be present at the time of any point/comp transactions.
  • Tier benefit redemptions may require advanced reservations/notice and are always subject to availability at the property.
  • All points expire from an account after 12 months of account inactivity. Inactivity means there were no points EARNED on an account.
  • No-shows on confirmed complimentary room reservations will be subject to a $50 fee plus tax.
  • Complimentary Resort Fee for Azul, Gold and Platinum members only applies when guests book direct with Rio on