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Lapa Lounge Opening July 2024 at Rio Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

Eclectic new Lapa Lounge Coming to the Rio

New bar greets guests and pays homage to an iconic Brazilian social scene.

Set to open in Summer 2024, Rio’s new Lapa Lounge is inspired by the electric vibe of Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Lapa neighborhood and is a vibrant tribute to its rich bohemian culture and bustling social scene.

Design Inspiration

Infused with the vibrant energy of Lapa, the lounge’s design exudes an eclectic fusion of Rio De Janeiro’s Tijuca National Forest charm and the chic allure of local high-end establishments. Stepping into the Lobby bar, guests are greeted by a spectacle: a ceiling adorned with golden-textured brass monkeys and jaguars, encircling a stunning blown glass chandelier straight from the heart of Italy. Bathed in a warm glow, the honey onyx bar top radiates alongside reclaimed teak accents and daring animal-inspired patterns in vivid red and green fabrics. Anchoring the space, the veined black marble floor emanates sophistication, completing the ambiance of refined luxury.

Cocktail Program

In homage to its namesake, the Lapa Lounge’s cocktail program promises a symphony of bohemian-inspired libations, each crafted to dazzle with whimsical garnishes and captivating presentation styles. Meanwhile, beer enthusiasts can revel in a handpicked selection, spotlighting local brewery gems and an expanded array of craft brews exclusive to the venue. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the vibrant social ambiance, much like that of the Lapa district, where every sip and every moment within the lounge is a celebration of joy and camaraderie.

What to Expect

“This lounge has greeted every guest that has entered the resort since the first day the Rio opened.” said Trevor Scherrer, President and COO of Rio Las Vegas. “Although the lounge will have a new name and a striking new design, the Lapa Lounge will continue to create even more memories with an even better experience for years to come.”



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