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A Deluxe King Suite in the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

How Rio Redefines the Las Vegas Suite Experience

Rio Hotel & Casino has long been recognized as a market leader for granting guests more room for relaxation and rest.

Las Vegas, a city renowned for its continuous evolution, embodies the ethos of “bigger is better” and “size matters,” especially when it comes to hotel rooms. To that, Rio Hotel & Casino remains the leader, a legacy destination that solidified its place in history when it opened in 1990 as the first all-suites hotel in Las Vegas.


More than 30 years later, Rio has redefined and revitalized this foundational idea, bringing the legacy forward, giving its suites a fresh look, and taking world-class comfort and hospitality to new heights.

All the Room In the World

While the average hotel room size in the United States hovers around 300 square feet (just enough for a bed, bathroom, and maybe a mini-fridge), Rio Hotel & Casino has long been recognized as a market leader for granting guests more room for relaxation and rest. The resort’s smallest rooms are 550 square feet, a far cry from the closet-sized spaces that dot America’s hotel landscape.


Whether your stay requires a king or queen-sized bed, there are no tight turns when navigating the Rio rooms and suites. That means no bumping into things when you make in the middle of the night, and the resort’s remodeled suites are stocked with luxurious amenities such as spacious walk-in showers, 65-inch television screens, sectional sofas, and more.


Beyond the legroom, Rio’s recent refresh brings to life an experience that reflects its Brazilian roots. Inspired by the chic apartments found near Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, the all-new guest rooms in Rio’s three-wing Ipanema Tower exude a contemporary yet timeless Brazilian flair, with handcrafted elegance and flamboyant design.


Each room boasts a curated selection of furnishings reminiscent of Brazilian artistry, while the art collection showcases the works of local artists, adding an authentic touch to the ambiance. Spearheaded by Dreamscape Companies in collaboration with Marnell Architecture Planning & Design, the creative direction behind these rooms ensures a captivating and immersive guest experience.


For those seeking an upgraded stay with more space to stretch out, Rio’s largest suites offer 1,100 square feet of spacious comfort.


Can You Take Me Higher?

Beyond the renovated rooms, Rio’s penthouses and villas redefine luxury living with their exquisite blend of sophistication and comfort.


Offering one-to-six-bedroom configurations, these opulent accommodations provide the perfect setting for group events, including wedding parties and special celebrations. Each penthouse and villa is meticulously designed to exceed expectations, featuring spacious layouts, elegant furnishings, and unparalleled amenities.


Finding the Right Space for Your Stay

As Las Vegas continues to evolve, Rio Hotel & Casino remains a beacon of innovation and luxury, pushing the boundaries of the suite experience in a city built on hospitality.


With a nod to its illustrious past as the city’s first all-suites hotel, Rio is elevating comfort and hospitality to unprecedented levels, from spacious accommodations that defy the norm to meticulously curated designs that pay homage to Brazilian elegance.


Whether they desire expansive legroom of the remodeled suites or the opulence of a penthouse or villa, guests can immerse themselves in a world where service knows no bounds, and every stay is unforgettable.


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